Friday, June 8, 2012

Its Never Too Late to Follow Your Dreams

A few months ago Darrell came home frustrated with work. He was working a low paying, unfullfilling job which required an enormous amount of hours. Although He didn't like what he was doing he was thankful for having a job. What frustrated Darrell the most was the fact that he had never pursued his life long dream of acting. He stated "Ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted to act.". Around the same time a soror of mine was promoting her acting class. I told Darrell what do we have to lose, why don't you enroll in this class. We prayed, gave it to God and he enrolled. From there Darrell took off. Since then he has booked a commercial, appeared in an off Broadway play, been cast in the independent film ATAY and will soon star in a stage play at Symphony Hall. I praise God for a husband who strives daily to do the right thing and is a man after God's own heart. The following is a review the play LOVE'S GONNA GET YOU which will soon go on the road to Baltimore, Md. Catch Darrell in the upcoming play IN PRAISE: A UNIQUE DANCE EXPERIENCE at Newark's Symphony Hall June 15-16, 2012.

A cast of eight, relatively unknown actors and actresses deliver lines of life in their journey to understanding, respecting and finding true love.

The off Broadway play, Love’s Gonna Get You', was the best 90 minute play I've experienced in a long time.  Perhaps it was because our very own friend and brother Darrell Pope, the loving husband of Susan Pope, starred in it.

 Act 2, scene 6, enters Bobby Washington, the father of Pablo, the self proclaimed 'player'.   "Listen son.  I’m not the man I used to be".  Darrell begins a genuine heart wrenching conversation, of a father's confession to his estranged son, about his absenteeism.

 As his wife sits a seat before me, teary-eyed, she watches her husband begin the first of many scenes, plays and perhaps movies.  The audience is equally engrossed.  One could hear a pin drop as we clang to his every word, relating to, understanding, sympathizing with how life’s circumstances, can drive a good husband and father to make poor decisions ... the kind that would forever alter their and their loved ones futures.  (I'm consciously trying Not to give the story away).

Great piece of work Darrell!  That role was best delivered by God's chosen apprentice who need not act, but just be himself to share a story line almost parallel to his own life's testimony.  'Love’s Gonna Get You' is a great play, well written, addressing life's favorite subject - love.  It's well peppered with humor and dialogue delivered by a group of fabulous actors and actresses.

Written, directed and produced by James and Michele Woodson - perhaps the next Tyler Perry? AWESOME work!

Editorial by Tinah Bouldin

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