Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dancing with Purpose

Happy New Year! As I reflect on this past year and look expectantly into 2011 I continue to ask myself "Why do I still dance?" My body is getting older and I've been plagued with numerous injuries the past couple of years. It is frustrating to realize my body can't do some of the things it used to.

The month of December is always a busy one for me but this one seemed heavier than usual. As we celebrated my son's 21st birthday on the 13th, I reflected on the many ways he has impacted my life. Although it is still hard for me to comprehend my little boy being 21, I am so, so proud of the man of God he is growing into. On the 22nd of December, my school put on the biggest production of The Nutcracker ever. We transported over 100 students to another school so they would have the opportunity to perform on a real stage which my school doesn't have. As a result of all the rehearsals I was unable to attend my own dance ministry rehearsals. Then I got the call, I was asked to dance the role of Mary, mother of Jesus for our Christmas Eve candle light service. The part didn't require any rehearsal for me. Thank you God, I was still going to be able to minister which meant the world to me. Hours before I was to dance, Darrell, my husband, became ill and needed to go to the hospital. He told me to take him and leave him so I could still go dance. I considered it - was I being selfish? Then our friend Zach offered to take Darrell to the hospital. I promised I would come as soon as I finished dancing.

Darrell went to the hospital and I went to dance. I prayed and receive such a peace about the whole situation that I didn't even look at my phone until after I finisihed dancing. As I danced down the aisle with the baby in my arms, I was reminded of how Jesus came into this world to save us. I reflected on His purpose of being born to die for our sins and at that moment my own sense of purpose was renewed. I was born to dance and to help others do the same. 2011 I am recommitting myself to dancing with purpose and passion.

Oh FYI, when I finished dancing, there was a text from Darrell stating that he was feeling better and he would be home soon. Thank you God! Why do I still dance at 49. I dance because I am called and there is nothing more important that doing what God tells you to do.