Monday, March 29, 2010

Dancing My Prayers

Do you want to catapult your devotional life to a new level? Do you desire to worship in a more intimate way? Do you love to dance? If you answered, "yes' to any of these questions, then my latest book "Dancing My Prayers" is for you. Whether you are a novice dancer with no experience, an amateur who thinks they can dance; a liturgical dancer or a professional diva dancer – this book will guide you through a journey to meeting God on your dance floor. I'm grateful to all who have called, texted, emailed and contacted me via Facebook about how they have been blessed by the book. Below are just a few comments I've received.

"Dancing my Prayers" by, Susan Gaddy Pope is the ultimate prayer book for dancers and non-dancers alike...It teaches you how to dance your prayers in confidence and get RESULTS! Thank you Mrs. Pope for the blessing.Chapters 4, 5, and 6 were especially helpful for me!!! FACE BOOK FAMILY - buy it, you will be blessed tremendously." LaVerne Duncan

"This book is an answer to my prayer. I have desired to develop a greater prayer language. I started today and I experienced God in a new way. He honored my intentionality to reach Him, please Him, woo Him, love Him, praise Him, and trust Him with my embodied communication to Him. It made me stop to think about what I was saying to Him. He flowed out of me giving me movement. Aaaah and my name, Simone, means "God has heard". I have such joy today!!! Thank God, thank you and thank Susan." Simone Baitey

To quote from a book my friend Don Bell gave me: "Dance prayers are embodied representations of our conversations with God. When we dance our prayers, we give life to our petitions and thanksgivings... Dance is my chosen weapon of warfare..." Christine Miller

Everyone has a story to tell. This book is my story of how God has transformed my life through dance. As you can tell from other post, I see the world through a dancer's eyes. Life is just more interesting that way! Every dance God has ever choreographed through me is a result of a conversation we've had. I so enjoy my prayer time with God as He continues to write the story of my life. What's your story?