Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I've just finished reading a book titled TEN by Terry Smith. From this summer reading I have decided to live my life on purpose. What does that mean? It means everything I do, I do with purpose and I am allowing God to truly direct my path. I have found that many times in my past I react and live according to what has already happened. Its as if my life has been a reaction to my circumstance. Now I'm putting my purpose in front. My actions are now at the front of my prayers instead of being a reaction to what has already happened. This book challenges me to be a better leader not just to be better but because I have a responsibility to those I lead. As I start a new school year at a brand new school I'm excited about what's ahead. I've asked God to choreograph and synchronize my path to His will. I concentrate on the message He has for me to deliver and from that, the choreographies will come. Its a new beginning for me and I've raised the bar for myself.