Saturday, October 29, 2011

I Survive the Seasons!

I'm thankful today for the change of seasons outside and in my life. It amazes me the changes my body is going through. As I get ready to approach the 50 and 1/2 mark I'm reflecting today on the many changes my body is going through. I had the awesome experience yesterday of being in the audience on the Dr. Oz show. The topic was Peri menopausal Rage. Look for me sitting in the first row on the November 3rd episode. I don't suffer too much with the rage but I have experienced extreme mood swings in the opposite direction. I once attended a wedding and had to keep putting drops in my eyes because I kept crying, even before the wedding started. I would get so depressed over anything. I thought my friends didn't like me anymore and just cried all the time. I have since started taking natural vitamins which have really helped with the mood swings and the hot flashes. Growing old gracefully is not easy but it is possible. It is definitely better than the alternative - not growing at all. So I"m thankful today that I survive the seasons. I'm thankful for the gift of dance and how it lifts my spirits. As I dance my prayers in the morning I am renewed and ready for whatever why the winds blows. Today I dance because I've survived the seasons.

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