Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fifty and Fabulous

I've just celebrated my 50th birthday. I am so thankful to have reached my golden birthday but it still brings mixed emotions. As I continue to dance I struggle with this body that isn't able to do many of the things I used to. I continue to question God as to the next leg of my journey. I love to dance but what do you do when your body just can't keep up with the visions.

Every year for my birthday, my husband and I go to see The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. What an awesome performance it was this year. My favorite piece was Anointed. Seeing them this year really helped to ignite the passion of dance within me. I so want to be able other young dancers experience dance.

Now more than ever I want to pass the gift of dance on to others. I DANCE BECAUSE will be a viable organization giving scholarships and resources to so many young people who need it. Dance helped shape me into the person I am today. I believe I am more compassionate and giving because of dance. Dance has helped me experience what I feel so I can fully be in the moment of my experiences. There is such joy and happiness in being fully involved in dance. I can't help smile at the faces of my young students as they experience dance. For my older students, it takes time to get through the outer hard shell they put up to protect themselves, but I continue to chip away so they too can experience the joy of leaping through the air, spinning beyond control and just grooving to their own beat.

I used to wonder how some of my older dance teachers taught without fully moving. I've had dance teachers that taught from a chair. I always wondered how are they doing that. Well I'm about to find out. Its time to make these beautiful movements in my heart and my head come to life in my students. This is a new season for me in many ways. I'm excited and ready to see what God has next. Fifty and fabulous, I dance because....I still can and I want to pass it on.

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Arielle said...

A beautiful tribute to your golden years and all the lives you've touched through dance. I am looking forward to helping you expand your vision and inspire younger dancers. Very proud of you and happy birthday again!