Saturday, May 8, 2010


HAPPY MOTHERS DAY & Happy Birthday to ME! This year as I celebrate Mother's Day and my birthday, both on the same day I am so grateful to have my mom living with me.

I remember when I first started taking ballet at the age of 6 - I HATED IT!. My dance teacher was strict and I just wanted to have fun. I begged my mom to take me out of class but she wouldn't. I had asked to take ballet and she wasn't going to let me just stop because I didn't like it. I am so, so, so grateful today my mom did not take me out of that class. It taught me so much much than ballet. It taught me about commitment. You see even at 6 years old when I just wanted to play and have fun I had to learn that when you ask for something and then you get it - you don't just throw it back at the first sign of discomfort or dislike. Some things you have to see through for the gratification. I also learned to plan ahead and shift rather than just give up. You see, for 2 years as I begged not to take ballet, my mom asked me what I wanted to take instead and I replied "I don't know". I learned very quickly that was not an acceptable response in my house. Finally after 2 years, I got it!. I asked if I could take tap dance instead of ballet because it was fun. See, I had a plan and a reason. My mom obliged and thus my love affair with dance began. I eventually went back to taking ballet and eventually into modern, jazz and African. After a few years, I was hooked and knew this is what I was supposed to do with my life.

I can't imagine what my life would be like had I never been introduced to dance. So on this mother's day - I thank my mom for making me stick with it even when I didn't want to. I dance because God called me to dance and my mom wouldn't let me say no.

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We do not celebrate ourselves on Mother's Day, but our mothers and our children, as today is a celebration of living! Wishing everyone a very Happy Mother's Day filled with the beauties of life. God Bless. - Suzann