Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Daily dance with Jazz

I look forward to my daily dance with Jazz everyday. Its actually just a walk to the park with my dog named Jazz but it is so cathartic. Usually I take my ipod and leave my phone home. I used to take my phone just in case something happened but I would always get interrupted by an unnecessary phone call. I thought taking my ipod would help me worship. Occasionally I would hear a song that would help me recognize and acknowledge the goodness of God but when I started leaving my ipod home I began to really see the greatness of God. As I walked t the park I noticed the shapes of the trees and how their limbs and branches hung. Even the trees seemed to be dancing. I began to marvel at how everything in nature is just so perfect. Jazz loves our daily dances. It used to annoy me how she never walked in a straight line. Her pathway in front of me was always zig-zag, back and forth-sentinel. She was guiding and protecting me - always looking around to make sure nothing got to me. I thank God today for my daily dance with Jazz. It helped me appreciate Gods love and His protecting hand in my life. It also helped me appreciate where I am and who I am in Him. It cleared my head, my heart and my nose so that this cold I thought I had, turned out to be a heavy, heavy weight I no longer could hold. God's got it now! I feel so much better knowing that from now on when I take my daily dance with Jazz, I dance because of GUIDANCE - God, U & I DANCE together. idancebecause...

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