Sunday, September 20, 2009


This year I started the year off teaching Bollywood. My students love it. I thought they might think it was corny, wack, lame, whatever the term is these days but they absolutely love it. It has gotten even the most disruptive students interested. I watched a youtube video of inmates in the Philippians doing the dance from Slumdog Millionaire. I knew my students would be able to master this dance. It has helped my shy students come out of there shell. They're not afraid of looking silly because the dance is so quirky that everyone looks a little silly at some point. The students are singing the song and putting so much energy into their movements. It has also helped me introduce cultural dance and help foster a sense of appreciation for other cultures amongst my students. I am loving the workout.

Next we're gonna try ZUMBA! Stay tuned.

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hopeandafuture said...

wow...gotta look at the scene in Slum Dogs again. Great idea. I'm sure they had a great time.
Be blessed
Angie Bowman