Thursday, June 12, 2008


Welcome to the I DANCE BECAUSE blog. We want to hear about all the different reasons you like to dance. What is your earliest rememberance of you dancing? Who was your first dance teacher? What is the best thing about dancing? How does it make you feel? Send us your comments, pictures, poems and your best dance stories like this one:

I remember being in college dancing for a program and the girl next to me fell down. Well she just turned around on the floor, kicked up one leg, got up and kept dancing. Whew, you think that was something, well she fell down again, spun around quickly, kicked up the other leg and got up and just kept dancing. Thats what I call dance attitude. She never gavdet her fall keep her down. WE FALL DOWN BUT WE GET BACK UP.


mizz_saucey said...

dance is a form of art, to express yourself. this website gives poeple the chance to do just that. keep up the good work inspiring people to keep their hopes up.


dancingangel said...

There is nothing I'd rather do than dance and lately I haven't been able to do that. I have a shoulder injury which keeps me from dancing full out. In my prayers, I ask God, why do you have me sitting down when all I want to do is dance. I feel like a fish out of water and I've got to find a new way to swim.

dancingangel said...

Well its been 5 months since my shoulder injury. I first injured my shoulder November 8 while dancing at a wedding. I was hired to dance at a wedding right before the bridal party processed came. My arm had been bothering me all day but I just took some pain killer and kept on going. I even taught a dance class that morning. When it was time for the wedding, I went to a friends house so she could help me get dressed. I couldn't get my garment on by myself. I got to the wedding and almost left because there had been a shooting outside and the police had cornered off the church as a crime scene. Eventually the brides limo drove up and the guest were let in through a back door. The wedding finally got under way and it was time for me to dance. I started dancing down the aisle and decided to wait until I got to the front of the church before I lifted my arms. I stood in the center aisle, raised my arms in praise and my right arm fell. The pain was excruciating. I tried again and again it fell. I knew now I was in trouble. I finished the dance with one arm and after the wedding was over I immediately called my doctor. I was instructed to go right to the emergency room. So long story short, I have a sprained rotator cuff complicated by calcified tendinitis. Its really painful and I still don't have full range of motion but I'm striving. I still don't know why God has chosen to sit me down again but I'm exercising and still dancing my prayers. Today I'm excited about what God is doing through this situation. Stay tuned to see how God works this one out.

Savvy said...

This is Great! Love the blog